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Biografie van Steve Jobs door Walter Isaacson,onlangs uitgegeven en heel mooi en interessant om te lezen.

Hierbij filmpjes die te bekijken zijn per hoofdstuk van deze biografie:

The goal of this website is to get all the best Steve Jobs videos in one place, and let you watch them as you read the famous bio by Walter Isaacson.

The idea for Steve Jobs Archive came pretty naturally. As I was reading Steve Jobs’s biography, I kept switching between YouTube and the book because so many of the historic moments described by Walter Isaacson are out there on video. The Macintosh launch. The iPhone presentation. The bouncing Pepsi caps demo made by Andy Hertzfeld in 1982. As I kept digging, I discovered more and more Steve Jobs stuff, some of which isn’t even mentioned in the book.

Most of the videos on Steve Jobs Archive are documentary. I tried to stay away from dramatizations (although I couldn’t resist including the “Are you a virgin?” one) and second-hand interviews and narrations. In the end, I think I’ve come up with quality material that will be fun to watch even if you’ve never read the bio. And if you have ideas for more videos to include, just drop me a line at abcmarketing [at]

Art Matsak